The Unofficial Hereford United Online Archive

The Unofficial Hereford United Online Archive

The Hereford United Unofficial Archives strives to as accurate as possible, however some mistakes may appear - if you spot any errors, please contact me here. Not all the data has been gathered for all the players and games on these pages, all the information that I have is listed below so, again if you know more information then please don't hesitate to contact me

"What does it take to make a football club?

A ground?

A loyal band of supporters?

Of course the answer to that is yes, but without the players to follow, supporters would look elsewhere, and without the players, the ground would probably be a supermarket.
This website celebrates those players from Adi Akinbiyi to Zak Evans who have pulled on a lillywhite shirt since 1924. Some have pulled it on with pride and spent years sweating and toiling in it as the sponsorships and styles have changed, others have pulled it on for the last pay cheque or perhaps because their careers were drinking from the last chance saloon.
This website doesn't discriminate because a player pulled out of a tackle, doesn't wax lyrical on some of the biggest stars to grace Edgar Street, or berate the lesser lights who occupied the same stage.
Pure and simply it's about the statistics, once the domain of geeky bores in garden sheds, but now a crucial part of managers judging a players performance and mainstream pub conversation.
And, if you want to know who scored the most hatricks for the club, who had the briefest and longest career at the club, or even settle that arguement with your old man over exactly who played in the first game he dragged you along to when you were kneehigh to a grasshopper.Then you've come to the right place, so enjoy wallowing.."

If you have information that can help, or would like to ask a question then please don't hesitate to email me on

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